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Online divorce Utah: About us

Our company is proud to be the leading company in the area of divorce Utah online for years.  Being one of the pioneers in the field, we’ve helped to prepare state of Utah divorce papers for hundreds of divorces, where each dissolution of marriage was successfully completed within the shortest terms.  In case you are looking for professional Utah OCAP divorce help, we are always ready to assist you with collecting UT divorce papers for your personal divorce case.

Getting a divorce in Utah: Our benefits

  • Fast. We are one of the fastest services for preparing online divorce papers Utah. As a rule, you will get a complete package of documents in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, you will need to spend minimum efforts to start using our service.
  • Inexpensive. Our company has one of the lowest prices for collecting Utah divorce papers online. With the help of our service, you will be able to save up to $20,000. Therefore, can easily save your money for more important things.
  • Simple. We’ve made the process of ordering divorce papers Utah online as simple as possible. Filing for divorce online in Utah is completely understandable – you will just need to fill out a simple questionnaire to order your divorce forms Utah.
  • Safe. We always take care of the privacy of our clients. All the data used by the service is securely protected by 256-bit encryption. Therefore, all your personal information will always be completely safe.
  • Understandable. There is no need to have any legal knowledge to start using our service. We’ve developed a system of online divorce for common people, not lawyers. Our team will carefully collect all the required Utah divorce papers for you.
  • Personal approach. Each couple requires different Utah divorce documents. We analyze each application, sent by our customers and pick up the papers for each divorce case individually. For example, spouses with kids will receive forms for childcare.
  • Fair pricing policy. Unlike most online providers for DIY divorce Utah, we don’t have any hidden or unsuspected payments. Our pricing policy is completely transparent and understandable. We will not ask you to pay extra money for our service.
  • Professional team. Our dedicated managers will take care of each customer. When you file for divorce in Utah online with the help of our service, you will get only quality papers for easy dissolution of marriage.
  • 100% court approved Utah uncontested divorce forms. We keep in touch with the state’s laws on divorce and always provide with the freshest documents for the legal breakup. All out forms are up-to-date and accepted by the court clerks.
  • Completely online service. To get a divorce in Utah online, you will not need to visit the office of our company or discuss your divorce with managers. The entire process is performed online – you will receive all your documents right to your email.
  • Instructions for filling out the divorce documents. When you get all the docs for your dissolution of marriage, you will also receive a handy guide on how to fill out each Utah divorce form from your package.
  • Friendly support managers. We are always opened for communication. In case you have any questions regarding using our service or filling out a questionnaire, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.
  • No annoying ads. We value our reputation of the best Utah OCAP divorce service. Therefore, we will not overload your email with ads or special offers. You will get only necessary information about preparing your papers for the legal breakup.

Collecting divorce papers Utah online VS getting legal help of the lawyer

A few decades ago, getting the legal aid divorce Utah for having a legal breakup in the state was a common practice. However, these times are gone. Why is legal aid Utah divorce losing its popularity? Why do most couples prefer filing for a divorce in Utah online?

The truth is that the uncontested divorce in Utah with the help of the lawyer is really expensive. As a rule, the fees for the lawyer’s consultations start from $300 per hour. You will need at least several consultations that will last for a couple of hours to collect and fill out all your divorce forms. Therefore, get ready to spend a minimum of $4,000 for legal help.

attorney vs divorce service

Moreover, scheduling a visit to the legal expert will also require plenty of time. You will need to visit the lawyer’s office during business hours, which is often difficult if you are working during this time, too. By the way, you will also take into account your spouse’s working schedule and pick up the time that will be convenient for you, your spouse, and your local lawyer. This way, Utah get a divorce process becomes even more complicated.

Note: Preparing the divorce papers in Utah online is available only for uncontested divorces. In case you are going to have a contested legal breakup, don’t hesitate to visit a lawyer.

Do it yourself divorce Utah without any assistance

Some spouses prefer filling out the forms for their dissolution of marriage by themselves. They avoid consulting the lawyers and don’t ask for help online divorce service. However, if you are planning to collect and fill out all the papers for your legal breakup by yourself, get ready to lots of obstacles.

The matter is that looking for the needed forms on the Internet is a long and difficult process. There are lots of outdated documents for Utah you will find on the web. But the truth is that outdated papers are not accepted by the court. Moreover, if you are having children or would like to divide the property, you will need tons of additional forms for these purposes.

That is why most spouses choose to file for divorce online in Utah. Being the best alternative to the methods above, our service is cheap, fast and reliable.

How to file for divorce in Utah online

The process of getting a dissolution of marriage online is incredibly simple. Just follow these easy to steps to begin you’re your divorce process.

  1. Sign up on our website
  2. Fill out the basic questionnaire
  3. Receive all the needed papers for the legal breakup to your email

Where to file for divorce in Utah? Online dissolution of marriage remains to be the most common way to file for divorce in the state.

How to get a divorce in Utah?

You will need to fill out and print the forms you effortlessly receive with the help of our service. By the way, you will get detailed instruction on how to fill out the documents for your dissolution of marriage from your divorce package. Therefore, you will avoid making the most common mistakes in the divorce docs. After that, you will need to provide the court clerk with all the papers you’ve collected, get a response from your spouse and wait until your divorce is finalized.

Divorce mediation Utah

According to the state’s law, Utah divorce mediation is one of the obligatory steps for dissolution of marriage. All divorcing marrieds need to participate in at least one session of mediation to try to resolve the disputes in their divorce case.

File for divorce in Utah: most common issues

In case of having an uncontested divorce, the most common issues are related to providing the court with outdated documents or papers that contain mistakes. Moreover, some documents are often missing. However, with our top-notch online service, you will be able to get a complete package of the newest forms for your personal case. Our handy guide will also help you avoid making mistakes in your divorce kit.

Utah divorce forms online: What to expect? ​

Each our customer receives a personalized package of documents that perfectly suits his or her individual divorce case. Our service is ready to assist different spouses:

  • Marrieds without kids
  • Marrieds with children
  • Spouses that would like to divide their assets or property
  • Spouses that would like to divide their debt

Therefore, our service is likely to suit most couples in Utah.

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Uncontested divorce Utah: pro tips

It is important to fill out our questionnaire with only true and up-to-date information. This will help our experts to pick up the forms that will perfectly suit your divorce case. In case you fill out your documents with false information, your divorce kit will not be accepted by the court until you fix all the mistakes.

In case you provide with true and up-to-date data, Utah divorce online – uncontested legal breakup will be finalized within the shortest terms.

OCAP Utah: what you should know about divorce in the state

How long does a divorce take in Utah? The minimum term for finalizing your divorce is 90 days after successful filing for dissolution of marriage.

How much does a divorce cost in Utah? The average cost for a divorce in the state is about $14,000. How much is a divorce in Utah without the lawyer? This depends on the number of papers you will need to fill out. With the help of our service, you will be able to get a fast divorce for less than $1,000.

Still hesitate, whether to file divorce online Utah? Just take a look at our testimonials or contact us directly for more details.

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"I was moving to another town with my kid, so we needed divorce process to be quick and easy. I had all papers i needed over one night, so highly recommend their services!"
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Sales Manager
"Thanks for making a divorce process much easier for me. Filling the divorce papers was a hard task itself, so thank you for detailed instructions!"
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