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DivorceOnlineUtah is an online service that provides customers with self-help tools, which they may use to receive filled out divorce forms for uncontested divorce in the state of Utah. Our company has a clear Privacy Policy where we outline what type of information we gather as well as how we use and protect it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always reachable through and will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

All websites on the Internet collect non-personally identifiable information about their visitors. You are welcome to review the type of information DivorceOnlineUtah collects and how it is used in the following list:
1. User’s IP addresses to determine user’s approximate (not exact) location. This helps our service understand what kind of help can be offered to you depending on the state/country where you are currently at and gather statistics to administer our website better.
2. Browser and device information is collected to make sure our website is displayed in a way that would be convenient for you.
3. Browsing activity on our website is monitored to understand preferences of our visitors and information they might be looking to get. In a long run, this helps us to optimize our website to make sure each visitor finds what they have been searching for.
4. Information about the website you came here from is used to let us know how you have found us. Looking at such data, we understand what the best ways to find our website are and how we can help others find us.
Please note that our website uses cookies and this is how we get most of the abovementioned data. In general, cookies help us understand your preferences and better meet your expectations when you visit our website and navigate it. Also, we use most of the data we get as statistics that is later analyzed to modify our website and operations with the goal of reaching more potential customers looking for our services and making sure their experience with us is satisfactory.
You have a right to limit the use of cookies by any website in your browser settings. You may also choose to allow our website to use cookies to better your experience and delete them afterwards.

Personally Identifiable Information

We will ask for your personally identifiable information only in cases when it is required to provide you with our services. Please note that this includes but is not limited to your and your spouse’s personal information as well as the information about your child(ren) if there are any.
If you do not feel comfortable entering certain data when ordering with us, you may choose to leave it out. As we offer a self-help tool and the results depend mostly on the information you provide, you confirm that you understand the implications of leaving it out. These are:
1. Getting documents that are filled out only with the information that you have indicated, meaning that some fields will be left blank.
2. Potentially not getting the full package of documents due to the lack of data provided to us.
DivorceOnlineUtah is not responsible for inaccuracies and implications occurring due to the provision of the insufficient amount of information by the customer.
Please note that you may choose not to provide us with any personally identifiable information at all, as we only gather it with your consent. This would also imply that you choose not to use our services. You are also free to stop using our service at any time convenient for you. Please check our Terms of Use to learn more about the termination of cooperation.

Security Measures

DivorceOnlineUtah takes all the possible measures to ensure that any information you leave on our websites remains secure. We use SSL to protect all the data you provide us with along with the firewalls to protect company’s databases. We also encourage our customers to protect their personal information by choosing a strong password.
You are free to share your login details with other parties, such as your spouse, if you want to provide answers to questions together. If you realize that such an arrangement doesn’t work, feel free to change your password. DivorceOnlineUtah does not recommend sharing your login information with anyone unless you believe it won’t put the security of your personally identifying information at stake.
Your information will only be shared with third parties by our company if:
1. We are obliged to share it by law.
2. You have given us a permission to share it when purchasing certain services from our company.
Please note that DivorceOnlineUtah is not responsible for the results of your cooperation with third-party websites. We would ask you to check the clause below for more information on the matter.

Third-Party Websites

The policies outlined herein as well as the Terms of Use of DivorceOnlineUtah do not match those of the third-party website. Therefore, if you choose to cooperate with them, please make sure to read their policies. Our company has no control over your interactions with such websites and you are free to work with them at your own discretion.
DivorceOnlineUtah does not track your actions on third-party websites, which is why we do not respond to the do-not-track signals.
The third-party ad services accessible through our website might use cookies and other technologies for the purpose of customizing and determining the effectiveness of advertisements for each visitor. We do not have influence or control over technologies used by any third-party services.

Children Under 13

DivorceOnlineUtah is not intended for the use by children under 13 years of age. We would ask you not to use this website or provide us with any personally identifiable information if you are under 13. If you are a parent or a guardian of such child and there is a chance they provided us with any information that can be used to personally identify them, please reach out to us through so that we can promptly remove this data from our system.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be altered at any time, and we will display the date when the changes were made on this page below. Please review this page from time to time to make sure you do not miss any important updates. Note that by using our website you confirm that you agree with every clause outlined above. For more information regarding our policies, please check our Terms of Use.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 26, 2020.